1. Online class work (AH15)
2. A compare and contrast essay (HIA) (that will be considered late :P )
3. A clay head to fix (H&H1)
4. The usual homework (H&H1 and CF2)
5. Two illustration rough drafts I've got to do
6. A tutorial on full lips (?)

But until I do it, DISTRACTION. I gotta show you guys something. Limyeel's fantasy rants. So much information and ranting, I'm in love.

In other news, I am still contemplating commissions but I think I should practice with requests first. No, not YET, 'cause I have a lot of crap to do but as soon as I'm done...

Also, my journal is in need of a make over, just for the sake of change and whatnot. I want to play with CSS so any advise on that would be excellent~~
Yep! Which reminds me...I better double check on my room. First they said I was going to the International dorm. Of course I had to change that right away.

Also...I think I should start doing commissions. I just don't know how to go about that, though. And I still haven't finished that one thing I said I would. Any ideas?

- =;]


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