I have so much stuff to do and prepare for and not enough money or good karma to do it with.

That and my little brothers are driving me insane! One of them is ten and is going through that awkward/annoying I'm-not-quite-a-teen-but-I'll-act-all-angsty-anyways phase. So he's taking it out on everybody around him (not that it has no merit 'cause my mom and ex-stepthingy are getting a divorce) and IT'S DRIVING ME UP THE WALL.

As for the stuff I gotta do, I have to get an apartment, convince someone in my family to co-sign a loan, build up my portfolio and get a job. The first one is going...well I suppose, but is connected to the second one as I want to use the money I'd usually pay for a dorm to pay for a waaaaay cheaper apartment. BUT THAT'S HARD TO DO WHEN EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY THINKS I'M IMMATURE. Which is...very much true. The portfolio thing goes as well as it can but I need to actually finish shit before I can say that I've accomplished something. The job thing....well I've never had much luck in getting a job on my own. I'll try, I'll always try, but it never carries through...

I'm just so frustrated right now. I just want my problems to be solved. I just want a life of my own, that's all. I'll do anything to know everything will be alright.

So I've come along a problem. A problem I've seen a lot in this world, so not this is not slight to anyone in particular. But it needs to be said.

People. Use your communication skills.

Seriously, we have not mastered the talent of reading minds yet. Talking behind other people's backs doesn't really solve anything. If something TRULY bothers you, then say it to the person, face to face. If it's that important, if it's bothering you, then just do it. Period.

Sure, you can't be honest all the time; there are times when you can't be honest at all. But in the end, honesty is a good policy to keep in your files. Being frank may not bring you 'closer to God' but so what? You've got to live your life.

I always held on to the belief that you should not let ANYTHING completely rule you. If you do that, you become unbalanced. That's not a good idea. You're letting this, your so called 'pride', rule you from moving on.

Don't do that. It's a waste of your time.

Now, yes, I'm being a bit of a hypocrite here. This is something I've got to learn too. Like I said, you can't be honest all the time. Right now, however, I know that what I'm typing is coming from my heart.

So you can ignore this post if you'd like. Say that there is no such thing as being up front with those around you. To a certain extent, you're right.

But are you really so sure?


And that's the end of that!

- =;)


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