Head and Hands1: C   :(

Clothed Fig2: B

History of US Illustration: B

Art History/15th century: A- 
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( Nov. 9th, 2006 11:31 pm)
I got a B on my Clothed Figure1 midterm review thing! Ol' Chuck (who is my teacher) says if I keep up the good work I could probably end up with a higher grade. That could be a B+ or...gasp even an A even!! :O

Things he says I need to work on:

- Proportion

- Getting better tools (which I have a good excuse for: couldn't afford 'em at the time)

- Go to more workshops (well, actually he said this to someone else, but I think it's a good idea.)

So...YAY! I thought I was gonna get a B- or something. It's one of those classes that I've been having problems keeping up with hwk in. Kinda. Well, I did get today's homework in so, I think I'm cool.

In other news, Elisa and I went to the market. She sent too much money again. It was prolly the pumpkin ice cream, my friend. Probably the pumpkin ice cream. *shakes head*

 I got the essentials this time, ya know, eggs, milk, and cereal. And sushi. Yeah, that's essential and dinner too! Dinner at 10:20 something.

Ah college life.

- =;]

Yes I did.

Well, now that I've adjusted to my new schedule, I guess I gotta tell you peoples about it.

Let's see, like a madwoman, I got all morning classes. As an insomniac, this was very, very stupid of me, however I know I can put it off. *falls over*

On with the classes )

But enough of that!
Check out these communities I joined recently:

[livejournal.com profile] fanart50 = I joined not only to show everyone how deep my obsession with the Amazon Quartet is, but to get my creativity a flowin'!

[livejournal.com profile] sm_monthly  = To practice my godawful fiction writing skills. Fanfiction is very helpful when it comes to understanding the plot, characters, and how both integrate with each other. Hopefully, I'll learn something from putting more of my stuff out there.

That's about it. Oh yeah! I finally out stuff on my DA site! WHEEEE~!

- =;] Adios

P.S.- I've come to find that I really love Fiona Apple and Les Nubians. Love, man, L-O-V-E like the Love park!



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