So let's start with last week during my plane ride back home. Good ride back, exactually. It rates up there with the second time I rode out to San Fran and that one time my Gran-ma got first class tickets when we were going to visit my aunt. *sigh* First class. Anyways, I meet a nice older guy on the plane from Las Vegas to Philly. I didn't have much money out and American Airlines still feeds people on the flight. This guy bought me a snack box. :D In return, I gave him some of the sandwich I made and some chocolate. He was kinda chatty and seemed to be a Hollywood type but was really funny regardless. It reaffirmed my belief in human decency. He was that awesome.

So I slept the rest of the week, damn jet lag, and realized that I needed a job. I'm still hunting, especially if that one leather place doesn't call. I might have to work at JCPenny's. Bleh. But If I get it, I'll take it.

I got my hair done~ It's finally...manageable. Hooray for that. Next summer I may get purple tips! :D

X-mas came around and I had a good time BUT. To all of you, yes even you:


No presents from me this year. I'm disappointed in myself; I usually do something. D:  I guess birthday presents will be double fold next year. Triple fold for Gabbe. Argh.

News on the 'Get Ebony A Tablet Fund': $250 (yay X-mas money, I knew I could count on you.)

I can get a 6x8 Graphire tablet with the money I have, but I want to try and see if I can make it to Intuos tablet level (which is about $300+ even on retail.) Here's hopin'!

Happy Holidays!
I mean, it really was bad. Luckily, I didn't miss any buses like I usually do, but it seemed like an unjust trade off for sucky homework and snarky tourists. Oh and the headaches, the actual headaches that keep recurring didn't help either. Also, the running out of money thing didn't help the 'you-know-you're hungry' headaches.

So the pluses for this week:

+ Didn't miss the buses
+ Didn't get too bitten up by mosquitoes
+ Finished my homeworks on time.
+ I just smushed one of those mosquitoe bastards. >D

...And the minuses:

- I ran out of aspirin.
- I ran out of money.
- ...annoying tourists.
- My homeworks both came out looking like a half-made cookie.
- The construction workers in the morning enjoy their jobs too much.
- The mosquitoe bastard was really juicy.

I rate this week as....Blagh. That's a -1 out of 10 in numeral rating.

But strangely, I think I handled all of it well.

-adios =;]


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