First of all, grrr...stupid stupid stairs that I have to draw by tomorrow. Stupid perspective. Darn you Italian masters for one-point/two-point perspective. DARRRRRRRN YOOOOOU.

Second of all, I feel kinda bad that I can't see the romantic aspect of Toph/Sokka. D: I mean, it seems like the type of thing I like. For example, I find Hinata~>Naruto and Kaorin~>Sakaki absolutely adorable but dang, I just can't back this one. Of course I never bought the whole Miyako~>Ken in Digimon 02 so... I guess I just want to know what's happened to Suki. She is his girlfriend, like it or not. I want an ACTUAL answer, Avatar peoples. None of this mysterious-implication-of-doom crap.

And...another meme from solesakuma! But I, er, tweaked it 'cause I'm in one of my I-can't-write-for-crap moods.

The first 10 people who comment to this post will get a quick sketch of...whatever. In return, post this meme on your own LJ. You don't have to. D:


*crawls back to homework*
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