Lately, there has been a lot of talk about diversity in the comics industry, DC comics in particular. While steps have been taken to make things more even for everyone, sometimes it feels like it's baby steps to get there. More can be done and there's plenty of side-eye for ALL media industries that don't try harder to be more inclusive. For example, the tv animation industry: steps made but they are baby steps.

So, being partially influenced by the Nostalgia Chick's video about The Smurfette Principle , I'm making a list of
2)that have girls
3)who are MAIN characters.
(By this, I mean they have to have something going on in their lives that aren't all about the main character guy and they MUST have top billing. ~ripping off the Bechdell-Wallace test/measure at the speed of light~ For ensemble shows, you've got to be able to say that the show is just as much about "her" as it is about "him")

Now the temporary limitations are that I'm focusing on shows that
4) have appeared on US schedules
5) have been recently featured on the networks of the three major media companies: Time Warner, Disney, and Paramount.

I also wrote down my thoughts of each list. Since those thoughts are subjective(heh), YMMV.


If I've missed some, don't hesitate to let me know so I can add it to the list! Tallies will be up soon, but I think I've made my point: MOAR GIRL P.O.V. CARTOON SHOWS PLEASE.
Hopefully, I can get to women within the animation industry next, but I want to cover the slightly smaller media companies next.

EDITING PARTY P.S.: Rich text sucks, mang.

In this week, abyss complains about...


Yes, I'm aware that I'm being a hypocrite here so please don't point it out. Also, I'm not talking about any certain person here; it's a general thing.

I'm just tired of hearing it!

< sarcasm > Oh, anime sucks! Oh, so does Disney! Oh, _____ is so overrated! Yet I'll keep talking about it even if I've already made my point three weeks ago. < /sarcasm >

For the love of shiny things, let. It. Go.

We get it okay.

You've 'grown out' of anime/Disney/living in a tree house.
You think The Incredibles was overrated.
You think Dreamworks' style is too realistic.
You KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT even though you haven't EXPLAINED the exact reasons why you think it sucks.

If you are going to complain about something, turn it into a real argument such as:

I don't like Evangelion. I don't like it because the characters did not pull me into the story line. I also don't like it because at the time everyone and their mom was pressuring me to look at it; the first two episodes turned out to be really disappointing. The characters did not leave a good first impression on me; so why should I care about them? However, since I've only seen three episodes (which most anime-haters only have) I will give it another chance as soon as I find the time, my OWN time.

See what I mean? Compare it to someone who says something like this:

Disney sucks! It's so juvenile and soooo totally, like, over!! I mean, like, they are soo copying off the big eyes anime-style.(which any true cartoon fan knows, it was the other way around.)

Idiot. Look things up before you make assumptions like that.

I think if everyone just took a week off from complaining so damn much, the world would be a quieter place.

It's stupid that I can't enjoy my manga/cartoons/whatever-the-hell-we've-decided-to-call-them because some loud mouth in the same room hates how girly shoujo manga is. HELLLO! It's SHOUJO which means 'girl' in Japanese. It's suppose to be girly, whatever that means to you.

And yet these are probably the same people who hate shoujo-anime for its gimmicks and love shounen (boy) anime because 'it doesn't have any'. ...Excuse me? What kind of sense does that make? I'm sorry, but you're a fool if you think shounen-anime doesn't have any gimmicks or gags. All cartoon-styles have some sort of gimmick whether you notice it or not.

Then there are those anti-Disney people. I'll admit, I was on their side for a while. I was during my 'Anime/ the WB is cooler' stages. These are the people who accuse Disney of being too cutesy (which it is sometimes. Admit it) and too family oriented.
Then I asked myself, what's wrong with being family oriented? Why can't the whole family enjoy something at the same time? That's when I realized, Disney's purpose isn't absolute evil.
I've found that some of the Disney-haters are 'child-free' people, who are those who seem to dislike children in general because of the actions of the few children they meet. each their own then.

And what does this all come down to, ladies and gentlemen? Complaining about something you don't completely understand. It's the reason why there's racism, sexism and general hatred in this world.

Why, then, do we humans do this whining thing? I think it's because one of the strongest fears in the world is finding out that "You were wrong."

-Adios =;]


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