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( Feb. 28th, 2010 04:34 pm)
This erratically having the internet all the time is not cool. I've got a backlog on art to post and people have been trying to contact me and job posting and paypal AGRH

So I've been using this Cricket internet thing (which my aunt is kindly letting me borrow) and thinking of getting it for myself once I get a job. The thing is that I need the internet to help get a job. (well other than beating the pavement) Aw well, I guess it's borrowing and internet cafes for me!
More specifically at my dA site and my art journal, [profile] a_graphite_glow

Boredboredboredboredboredbored-HEY! I'll do requests then!

Yes I am again trying my hand at requests again. If I still owe you one (and I probably do) then remind me. I'm only doing a few at a time though (if this goes well, then I'll open some more spots.)

Line art:

Computer color (only 3 spots 'cause ew...color theory.)

*No smuts/sexxors of any sort 'cause I'm not good at it yet.
*No mecha or machinery.
*When in comes to fandom pairings, I can be either very multi-shippy or OTP only. Just ask and respect my opinions, yo.
*People are people and love is love. Open to het, slash, femslash, and romance in general.
*Backgrounds, well that depends.
*And if it's a character I don't know especially OCs, send me a pic and backstory, whynot.

- =;] Updates on requests will be here.


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