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Ah, just seeing if this crossposting system at dreamwidth works well for me. For those who don't know, I apparently have one of those accounts here

So now, in the following post, I will shout about the little things that get on my nerves. On the internet of course, 'cause if I did one about stuff irl or rl issues right now, I'd get all depressed and cry like a baby!! :D


5. People who look down on animated movies.
This is something of the dreaded 'YMMV' variety. Look, I get that you have a problem with suspension of disbelief, but honestly, I don't think it's something EVERYONE 'grows out of'. Maybe it's just your issue, man.

4. People that think dark and gritty is FTW and lighthearted stuff is for pansies.
Or vice versa, except replace 'pansies' with 'blood hungry plebes'. To be truthful, I do agree with the whole 'bad/dire decisions = bad/dire consequences' ...for the most part. In the end of the day, though, I'd take a bittersweet-lives-were-lost-but-we-must-move-forward over rocks-fall-everyone-dies OR liek-ohmigawd-every1-has-babbies-and-white-picket-fences endings any day. Good mediums people, that's all I ask. (and this isn't related to the post you had up, rhap-chan. Just, argh, the internet in general)

3. Scanlators who make a big deal about people 'stealing' their work.
I'm not going to pretend to fully understand why this actually hurts people's feelings. I get if people are claiming they did all the work, but so what? This is one of those times where the 'IT'S A CARTOON' applies. If you were really worried about getting in trouble with a company that, let's face it, WOULD EAT YOU ALIVE for distributing their magazine for free, then STOP. I like getting credit as much as the next person, but really now, if this is driving you to flounce out of fandom 4EVA then you should evaluate why you're doing this. Probably because you're an attention hor

2. The need to have a romantic-drama tag in most webcomics.
Seriously most of you guys should just stick with comedy or meta stuff. I don't care that he's in love with her and she feels the same but for some stupid reason they aren't together because MISUNDERSTANDINGS LOL. I don't care about some one dimensional antagonist who has nothing better to do than to care about the aforementioned characters' lives. If this sounds familiar, it's because all of this is scattered around the interbutt of webcomics.

Before anyone screams "REALISM" at me, let me just say this; IT'S HARD TO GET TOGETHER BUT IT'S NOT THAT HARD. No, what I find that it's harder to stay together if divorce rates in the US and the neighbors that continue to argue downstairs(at 3:00 in the morning argh) are correct. All I'm saying is, please give the drama of actually trying to maintain a relationship between the main characters a fair shot. For once.

1. People who CONTINUE to equate-in any type of way- WALL-E with Kung Fu Panda.
Yes, they came out at the same time. Indeed, one is from PIXAR and the other, Dreamworks. True, one has Jack Black in it. They are BOTH good movies with their own merits! The only thing they have in common is the medium of which they were portrayed and their approximate time of release. One is a sci-fi/romance and the other is an action/coming-of-age story. Both styles are unique, their visuals beautiful and both pay tribute to their genres. DO THE MATH

And DON'T be fooled by Kung Fu Panda's advertising and the inclusion of Jack Black (if you hate his obnoxiousness. I've always liked him, myself) It's one of the first times Dreamworks didn't make a riff on Disney/PIXAR movies or any type of lol-media-jokes(for the most part). It respects the original culture of its setting but also is its own self contained world. If you have a problem with talking animals, then I'm ashamed to have you in my generation and heaven help you if you should want to pick up the Lackadaisy Cats.


So, what's been pissing you all off lately? ...Besides me not updating anything this summer? :D (Please don't bring up Racefail '09. The racist morons in that exhaust me.)


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