So let's start with last week during my plane ride back home. Good ride back, exactually. It rates up there with the second time I rode out to San Fran and that one time my Gran-ma got first class tickets when we were going to visit my aunt. *sigh* First class. Anyways, I meet a nice older guy on the plane from Las Vegas to Philly. I didn't have much money out and American Airlines still feeds people on the flight. This guy bought me a snack box. :D In return, I gave him some of the sandwich I made and some chocolate. He was kinda chatty and seemed to be a Hollywood type but was really funny regardless. It reaffirmed my belief in human decency. He was that awesome.

So I slept the rest of the week, damn jet lag, and realized that I needed a job. I'm still hunting, especially if that one leather place doesn't call. I might have to work at JCPenny's. Bleh. But If I get it, I'll take it.

I got my hair done~ It's finally...manageable. Hooray for that. Next summer I may get purple tips! :D

X-mas came around and I had a good time BUT. To all of you, yes even you:


No presents from me this year. I'm disappointed in myself; I usually do something. D:  I guess birthday presents will be double fold next year. Triple fold for Gabbe. Argh.

News on the 'Get Ebony A Tablet Fund': $250 (yay X-mas money, I knew I could count on you.)

I can get a 6x8 Graphire tablet with the money I have, but I want to try and see if I can make it to Intuos tablet level (which is about $300+ even on retail.) Here's hopin'!

Happy Holidays!
On the twelfth day of Christmas, abyss_of_colors sent to me...
Twelve powerpuff girls drumming
Eleven realistic romances writing
Ten gargoyles a-drawing
Nine cartoons daydreaming
Eight vespas a-traveling
Seven boondocks a-walking
Six mysteries a-sketching
Five ani-i-i-imal cops
Four teen titans
Three good eats
Two oban star-racers
...and a vandread in a get fuzzy.
Get your own Twelve Days:



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