The god awful Fall term....anyways:

2 days until San Fran!

What's been happening this week? Well...

    *Had to watch my little bros almost all week.

    *Had to find a near-by bank, which is harder than you think.

    *Lot's o' walking.

    *Have to get new clothes from my grandma...who lives in the middle of North Philly or 'Fishtown' as my step dad like to call it.

    *Had to do a lot of business stuff. Don't ask...

    *Put some new stuff in my DA gallery, which no one cares about. Yes, I'm whining and I don't care.

    *Oh! And my mom is in the hospital. Yeah...I'm not worried. It's just low blood pressure. Not worried at all!!! Right! Right...

Monday, I leave the madness only to enter a new wave of madness.

And for the love of all that is pure! What does a girl have to do to get some attention on her artwork!? Waitaminute...don't answer that.


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