And it's not even 4chan's fault! It's actually 4Kids fault, though.

If you want to know a couple of the reasons why I'm depressed right now,


...It's a sad day for someone who is optimistic about 2D animation. A sad, sad day.

(Well yeah, SatAm cartoons were already dying but I had some hope.

Now with Cartoon Network starting to have live action shows (or whatever the hell), I don't know, peeps.

Oh, and seeing the 2nd season of XS come out on DVD? With Kids WB dying off? Ain't gonna happen without a miracle.)

I...I'm going to do homework to concentrate on something else. I just might tear up about this kinda thing. I just might. Okay, maybe not quite all that It really is the end of an era. (So where's our nostalgic countdown of all that was great about cartoons in the 80's and 90's? OH! That'd be a good idea!)

Hey, maybe if 4Kids just focuses on original shows and not on screwing up anime then there could be some living on of it...

At least, Don let me borrow the first season of Batman Beyond. *sighs* Good times...good times.

I...I need a hug. D:
wafflejones: Watanuki(xxxHolic) with various shots of him freaking out to the tune 'Le Freak' (Holic- Watanuki)
( Nov. 13th, 2006 12:31 am)
So yeah, the tale of the huge ass cockroach I killed.

My poor roommates and RA seem to be deathly afraid of roaches, not that I'd blame them, but living in the city has numbed my fear of most creepy crawlies. I was in the kitchen at the time when one of my roommates comes up to me. Now the kitchen is on the 6th floor; we're on the bottom levels. Anyway, she tells me about the roach in our room. I go down with her because, one, I know what to do in these situations, and two, she was pretty freaked out.

And there it sat. Just relaxing on our ceiling.

Needless to say, I whacked it with a broom then crushed it with my shoe after I found it under my couch. No big deal.

Everyone else didn't think so.

In retrospect, it could have been one of those hissing ones or something. But it didn't make any noise so...*laughs nervously*

But to tell you the truth, bugs don't creep me out much. Except, walking sticks. Those things are kinda scary.

- =:0


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