Now there are two main things I have to say I'm sorry for.

1) (the real life one) Sorry for not communicating with you guys more~ The internet is no excuse 'cause I could probably find a net cafe. My computer problems aren't an excuse 'cause I think I just need to re-calibrate my battery. Most of you guys know I have communication issues, but I'm sorry anyways and I'll try to contact you more. <3

2) (the fandom one) You know when you understand something but it still doesn't always get through? I believe that creators shouldn't have to answer to what fans say, because as a creator, I want to put more of myself versus more of somebody else. But then I go and say something else.

CLAMP-wise I'm not taking back everything I said, but I am sorry that I expected some explanation. Look I still think the ending of TRC and where you're heading with holic are confusing and odd. However, I think I'm only saying that because it's not something I would do instead of any broken literary rules. And damnit! CLAMP is not like most shoujo/shounen studios. I like (both of)their styles. I like that they do different things like messing with people's conception of gender and love and plot. I just couldn't follow this one, like I couldn't follow many of their prior series. And that's okay with me. I'm not gonna swear off CLAMP because I don't agree with their choices all of the time. Perhaps this is me just shrugging off the final bits of whiny teenagehood. Lesson: You're not always going to agree with your heroes, but you'll always admire them in some way.

I still think the plot pile-up was a bad idea and that they've been relying too much on page spreads. And I wish Nekoi would shorten up those legs. lol! Meme post next~
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