The sky is blue.

The Earth is round.

And CLAMP has been kidnapped by skrulls/white martians.

News at 11.

Kay, seriously, I just don't understand this all. Yes, yes I get the gist of it but- Look, TRC started out as a fun romp thru most of the universes CLAMP has made. Now look at it. Compare this ending to CCS ending, not counting the epilogue. THAT'S AN ENDING. A loose one, but an ending. TRC didn't end. It just. STOPPED.

So I guess those crazy fanboys (on that one forum I can't remember) were right. The last good CLAMP series was probably X1999 (something that I didn't read, so for me it'd be Angelic Layer) and even that's iffy. *sigh* Someone please stop me from reading Kobato. God help me, I'm starting to like that one a little and it's slowly turning towards the CLOW REED ARGHGLEFLAGLE.
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