...Stuff that's been on my mind.

First, the answer to that mysterious pairing meme for those who were wondering what the hell:

Pick up to 15 OTPs.
Describe them in less than 15 words.
Have your flist guess the OTP.

1. If threatening a god(with a sword!) to bring them back isn't love... Hikaru/Eagle/Lantis (MKR)
2. A can of sake and a large fish could make beautiful music together. MEIKO/Luka (VOCALOID) yeah I know....
3. Telling someone you love them, then walking away...with flowery backgrounds. Shaoran/Sakura
4. A one time jam session is a good first impression. Also, giant robots. Trowa/Quatre (GW)
5. Mental sex in public with a board game. Akira/Hikaru (HNG)
6. Enemies turned friends due to a little bug and exploding secret bases. Daisuke/Ken (Digimon)
7. Fighting over McGuffins while also crushing on each other. Omi/Jack (XS)
8. Doing 'sexy' poses and waiting outside of a tent is classy stuff. Suki/Sokka (ATLA)
9. Weird not-ex-boyfriend inadvertently pushed these two even closer together. Yuekito/Touya
10. They sleep in the same bed; they protect the same princess. Haruka/Michiru, [livejournal.com profile] kyleen66
12. A 18,000 mile plummet and they still seemed so happy... Chihiro/Kohaku (Spirited Away)
13. A pocket watch promise and time ran out. Rosette/Chrono (Chrono Crusade) [livejournal.com profile] rhap_chan
14. Height/race issues notwithstanding, they share an epic friendship and rivalry. Legolas/Gimli (LOTR) ....y-yeah I know....
15. Magic first pushed them apart but eventually brought them together. Nanoha/Fate

And THEN! I've gotta talk about my love of Vocaloid, my new fandom! Oh you're damn straight I drew pics of my favorite Vocaloid character, MEIKO. I...just haven't put them on the internets yet. :|

Anywho, recently a new Vocaloid character came out by the name of Megurine Luka. (YES I SHIP HER WITH MEIKO. AND NOT FOR THE REASON YOU THINK. ...OKAY THAT AND OTHER REASONS.) She sings in two languages, Japanese and English. "B-but," some fangirls/boys say, "Now there's more girls~~ than boys~~" While I don't have a problem with a taco-fest, fear not! For I have a recommendation of which guy should be the voice of the next vocaloid-who-is-male-and-can-speak-English:


Masaaki Endoh!

Come on, he's perfect! He's got a different type of voice than the other male singers. His approach is more bold(not that Gackt's isn't) and full of awesome. Plus, he seems to be an anime dork and makes every song he sings seem like it'd be a sentai's theme song. IT'D BE AWESOME.

But, I don't know many other Japanese singers/voice actors that also know English. If anyone does, tell me before I get to attached to this idea. lolz

k. to work with me.
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