They were playing Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Family Channel. (I'm one of those weirdos that liked both movies.) Watching them both, though, made me realize that if they switched the titles around, it would have fit more. Come on, the first one was waaaay more about Charlie and vice versa but that's not that important. Let'stalkabouttheAvatarfinale! =D

I'm just going to get something out there. It WAS NOT perfect.

But why should it be? Nothing is perfect, not even Beard Papa cream puffs. No, those are close to perfection. The A:TLA ending was AN ACTUAL ENDING. Which is better than almost any type of perfection. Take a good hard look at any small-screen animated show, Japanese or North America. Give me at least 15 shows that had an ending that actually tried to answer the big questions. Yeah, I can think of like four, at most.

For all it's faults, and there were quite a few, it was AN ENDING. An ending that the creators ACTUALLY tried their best at, given the time that they had. An ending that may have not answered everything but answered the larger questions: How will they defeat the Fire Lord and Azula, What's up with the White Lotus, Is Aang strong enough to fight, *sigh* ...who will Katara end up with? If there are any more questions that we--the viewers--have, then I guess they'll be answered another time, won't they? ~_^

That said, WHERE. IS. Zuko's. Mom? D: ....XD No, seriously. I was all expecting her to be in the White Lotus. That would have been awesome.

(Was I the only person able to draw a parallel from Aang saying 'I'm not ready yet' to the fact that the creators really DIDN'T have a longer schedule to do all of this in four episodes? One of the faults of the finale was that a lot was going on and there wasn't much time to do it. The fact that the production team worked their asses off regardless impresses me.)

And then there's the pairing wars. I can't say too much 'cause I managed to stay away from that side of fandom, thank the heavens. I came out of the finale, however, 1)seeing where the 'Zutarians' were coming from 'cause things got interesting between them 2)thinking the Aang/Katara kiss was sweet and awesome 3)convinced that Sokka isn't the only player, Toph is THE PLAYA and 4)Awww...Sokka/Suki remains the Lord of All Avatar Pairings. So I've come to one conclusion which shouldn't surprise most of you who know how perverted I am...



In fact, I'm pretty open to most pairings in this fandom! Bring it on~

One last thing. M Night Shyamalan. Let it be known that you are on the Gonna Be Attacked By An Unruly Mob list, along with the new Sega Team, Frank Miller, and a couple of others. your best. *gentle smile*
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From: [personal profile] solesakuma

Actually? I adored the fact that they didn't tell us. Life doesn't end like that, you know? In perfectly tied up ways.
Bah, yeah, there were probably faults but, for me, it was perfect. It just worked for me.

My endgame pairing is Toph/Suki/Sokka/Zuko/Mai/Ty Lee/Kyoshi Warriors!!! IT'S 'FIELD TRIPS' TIME.

1) The bad thing is that Zutarians ship a completely different version of them. XP

From: [identity profile]

Naw, I love the unanswered questions too. That's what fanfic is for! My only problem was the pacing, but that still impressed me for some reason. Or I'm just weird. lol

Toph/Suki/Sokka/Zuko/Mai/Ty Lee/Kyoshi Warriors for teh effin WIN! Point me in the direction and I'm there.

1) The bad thing is that Zutarians ship a completely different version of them. XP
Too true. *hangs head* Aw well. I hear that there are the mythical Sane-Zutarians around, so who knows.
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From: [personal profile] solesakuma

Oh, I don't know if anyone has ever ficced it. ;;

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About Zuko's mom! Why mention her if we don't find anything new out about her?! He wanted to know where she is! So where?!

And I agree~ It was an alright ending, and it did clear up all the major questions. But if they had more time it could have been so much better! Aang going off on his own, and his new Avatar state were pretty awesome, as were the fighting sequences! As for pairings~ it was kinda obvious how it was going to end up. Most of them I'm fine with, and I think that Aang/Katara is cute. But he's only 12, since he was frozen those hundred years. So it's still kinda weird to me.

But over all, I am satisfied with the finale. There is closure. But... I'm also really sad that there won't be any more Avatar to look forward too! T__T

Anyways, sorry. I just watched the episode this morning, and had to gush!

From: [identity profile]

No need to be sorry! This is THE fangirl/boy friendly zone~

For one moment, Aang going off on his own annoyed me because it was So Not The Time, but it all came together at the end! And actually, I think Aang is 13 years old about the time the series ended and Katara's only two years older than him anyways.

As for more Avatar, if the rumors of a sequel show are true...:D!

From: [identity profile]

That makes sense. He should age as the show goes on :D And I agree it wasn't the time, but everything was kinda rushed. It was still really awesome that they squeezed so much into so little time!

Ah! A sequel would be so awesome! I hope the rumors are true!


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