I just saw it (shut up I know) and all I have to say is


LOLOLOLOL @ Aang and Zuzu's FUSION HA!



and yes, I think Katara is justified in her anger. SO THAR.

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Hey hey! After you mentioned Avatar, I went and looked up the episodes. I mean, we've gotten it here in Aus before, and I've watched a few eps on TV (and I liked it!) but I don't think it's showing at the moment.

Anyway, finished watching most of what's out of Season 3 (when I say 'most' I mean pretty much all that's out, but not all of the episode thanks to slow internet and stupid refreshing accidents arrgh).

In conclusion, I know what you're talking about!!! :D Where's Episode 14??? Apparently there hasn't been a new ep in AGES. What's up with that? (writer's strike? :P)

Well seeing what they all went through, I understand Katara's anger. However, I started watching the episodes backwards (starting with ep 13) which means I didn't really understand Katara's anger at first and it seemed to me she just wasn't giving this guy a chance.

Here's a question though - what happened to Zuzu's girlfriend? Now that he's changed sides, does she leave him or something? Has it mentioned her during the endings of the episodes which didn't finish loading for me?

I really do love the animation of Avatar, very reminiscent of anime-style, and kind of rare to find in Western animation, especially these days (they're showing this show on TV in Aus called 'Legend of the Dragon' which is just too..I don't know, bad early 90's-like. Just a rush to embrace asian culture as in the trend, sort of thing. Fight scenes are horrible. Apparently the creators of Avatar were influenced by the fight scenes in shows like Samurai Champloo and Cowboy Bebop, as well as the animation styles of FLCL).



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THERE IS NO EPISODE 14. Yet. We're all still waiting. D:

Yay! You became a Avatard! *hugs* STAY AWAY FROM THE MAIN FANDOM.

*ahem* Anyway, yeah, Katara is very much justified in her snippy-ness toward Zuzu. Just think of the things he's done to her and her friends (lol, that sounds wrong) and don't forget that she still has prejudices against the Fire Nation as a whole.

Mai (Zuzu's gf) hasn't been seen since Zuzu left so we don't know if she'll be against him or not.

The creators of Avatar were also inspired by Ghibli films. :3

Oh man, does Legend of the Dragon suck. I could go on and on about how much it sucks and why. There are some good things, but the bad outweighs them.:/


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