I'm sick and a bit high on cold medicine. And drowsy. These are all excuses, though. There's no excuse for me making these stupid things.

Jerry Springer's dream...

Yes I just realized this. Yes I thought it was funny. Finally, yes it is crappy. Shut up.

And as it turns out, Anime Ace font does suck! But I'm lazy and didn't wanna use another type. Someone give me some good fonts for comics, yo. Not any that look like an indie writer's scrawl, por favor.

And I made this one a little while ago. Hooray for obscure CLAMP characters!!

David Bowie...riiiiight

Two references for the price of $0.01!!!

...kay. I'm done. *collapses*

From: [identity profile] speedtracer.livejournal.com

LOL. XD he totally has the Bowie hair! The first one reminded me of Slayers when Zel is talking about Rezo being his grandfather and possibly great grandfather. How would that work? I don't wanna think about it...

Hope you feel better soon!!


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