First, let's get the meme out of the way.

Here are the rules: Players list 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, players then tags 8 people by posting their names and makes sure they know they have been tagged by leaving a comment at the tageeā€™s blog. (Not gonna do it. I defy you, rules.)

1. I hate sauerkraut with all of my heart and soul. Even more than onions. HATE.

2. I think my mom's cat could be one of the BEST CATS EVAH...if she'd just stop stepping on my keyboardsflsdfadfja. Stopit, Sasha.

3. I overpluck my eyebrows sometimes. Don't worry, I'll get checked out for that. I GOT ISH-SHOES.

4. As much as I joke/complain about it, I like being short! I can get away with so many things, like only paying 50 cents to get on a Muni bus and peoples thinking that I'm 14. :D

5. I'm starting to overabuse the caps locking...and I hate it. I used to be soooo against it too, even if for the funny. Now I CAN'T STOP.

6. I really don't like 'oh em gee, we've got ourselves baby' fics (original or fan) that focus too much on the child and not enough on the relationship between the parents. I kind hate those fics more than Mary Sues.

7. Speaking of which, I'm a love child and I'm glad that my parents never got married. I might have tried to get them to patch things up once, but through that I saw that it just. Wouldn't. Work.

8. When I was little, I lost my favorite composition book. It had all of my crumby sketches and characters in it. To this day, I think somebody stole it and watch over my sketchbooks like a hawk. D:<

This meme is open for anyone who hasn't done it yet, which is unlikely 'cause everyone has.


In Webcomics

The Dreamland Chronicles by Scott Christian Sava
(G/E for everybody can look, mm'kay?)

Let me just say this. OMIGOD,IT'SSOPRETTY. The style is so clean. The coloring works so well. The backgrounds are so majestic. And then there's the fact that it's all in 3D. It has the style and uses it accordingly. It's possible to do it in 2D, but it just wouldn't be the same for me. (And I LOVE 2D.)

Here's the summary of the story but I'll lift some of it for those who don't wanna/can't go there.

Ever since he could remember, Alexander was a dreamer. Every night when he would go to sleep he would enter a world called Dreamland. Nightly he would have adventures with his very best friends, Kiwi the fairy, Paddington Rumblebottom the rock boy, and Nastajia the princess of elves. [snip]

On his 12th birthday, while in Dreamland Alexander uncovers a lost tomb. Inside he finds a sword, and guarding it...a dragon. Before the dragon can kill him, Alexander wakes up...never to dream again.

Now...eight years later, Alexander finds a pendant that lets him travels back to the place of his childhood dreams. [snip]

As cliche as it might seem, the storyline has the potential to become the action/adventure epic that I've been looking for ever since weekday morning cartoons died out. It takes me back to the days when adventures just randomly happened and the reason for it would be found out but not before the characters learn something...about themselves. *sniff*

I do have some problems with it, like how Kiwi's eyes tend to look too heavily done with mascara and overtly paranoid Nastajia gets (not that it's not warranted. It's a character flaw. What can ya do.) Also, I hope that Nicole doesn't only have to be the 'non-believing, woman scientist who will eventually see the light'; please Sava, go in a different direction with that part of the story. Not all scientists will have distain for 'miracles', other worlds, and even religion. (Tangentially, I had a high school friend who wanted to become a brain surgeon and was also a practicing Christian. She was very nice too.)

I'm willing to keep reading and watching out for these characters to grow, however. It's a fun, new fresh of air!


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Oh I'm soooo gonna draw stuff for this comm.

More later on this week. I've gotta *groan* fold clothes now. D:
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