Lately, there has been a lot of talk about diversity in the comics industry, DC comics in particular. While steps have been taken to make things more even for everyone, sometimes it feels like it's baby steps to get there. More can be done and there's plenty of side-eye for ALL media industries that don't try harder to be more inclusive. For example, the tv animation industry: steps made but they are baby steps.

So, being partially influenced by the Nostalgia Chick's video about The Smurfette Principle , I'm making a list of
2)that have girls
3)who are MAIN characters.
(By this, I mean they have to have something going on in their lives that aren't all about the main character guy and they MUST have top billing. ~ripping off the Bechdell-Wallace test/measure at the speed of light~ For ensemble shows, you've got to be able to say that the show is just as much about "her" as it is about "him")

Now the temporary limitations are that I'm focusing on shows that
4) have appeared on US schedules
5) have been recently featured on the networks of the three major media companies: Time Warner, Disney, and Paramount.

I also wrote down my thoughts of each list. Since those thoughts are subjective(heh), YMMV.


If I've missed some, don't hesitate to let me know so I can add it to the list! Tallies will be up soon, but I think I've made my point: MOAR GIRL P.O.V. CARTOON SHOWS PLEASE.
Hopefully, I can get to women within the animation industry next, but I want to cover the slightly smaller media companies next.

EDITING PARTY P.S.: Rich text sucks, mang.



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